The Morgue DayZ Server Rules

The Morgue DayZ Server Rules

The Morgue DayZ Server Rules

100% of donations are used to pay server costs and help improve all aspects of the server. They do not provide players with any kind of in-game advantage and no one is gatekeeped from using any item. This is not a pay-to-win server. All donations are appreciated and used to improve YOUR experience.


  • No stream sniping
  • No spamming side chat
  • No advertising in side chat
  • No use of cheats / glitches
  • No use of software with malicious intent (NVIDIA Inspector)
  • No stealing vehicles from safe zones
  • No leaving vehicles in safe zones (1 Hour Max)
  • No blocking access to Traders
  • No camping safezone borders
  • No use of alternate / multiple accounts
  • No racism, sexism, or homophobic language
  • No base metagaming (Revealing base locations in global chat)
  • No waiting for players to enter / leave safezone
  • No abusing render distance to view players inside of enclosed structures
  • No combat logging. (No further combat interactions for 10 minutes before logging)
  • No combat evasion. If engaged, you cannot run into a safezone for 10 minutes
  • No logging off during a raid. This includes waiting for a restart to log off with your base loot
  • Do not impersonate Staff
  • Do not engage a player when Staff are dealing with them
  • All issues in game must be solved through the support system on Discord


  • We have Automated No Build Zones. This means distances from Safe Zones, Named Military Zones, Black
    Market, etc.
  • Groups/Clans can only occupy one base.
  • You can visit ally bases but not permanently occupy them or stash loot in it.
  • No adding codelocks during an active raid. You must wait for the raiders to leave.
  • No stacking tents inside each other.
  • Bases must not exceed a total of 20 Codelocked Doors, Gates, Windows or Hatches.
  • Bases must not exceed a total of 4 Cars.
  • Bases must not exceed a total of 2 Helicopters.
  • You must leave space between walls so you can walk freely in between.
  • Bases cannot obstruct cement mixers.
  • Bases cannot exceed 5x5x5.
  • Bases cannot exceed a height of 2 levels when built on roofs of buildings.
  • Bases cannot obstruct police, military, medical, or construction loot spawns.
  • Bases must be accessible through either a door, gate, or hatch.
  • Bases must have a territory flag kit in order to build.
  • Vanilla building is forbidden, players must use Base Building Plus.
  • Players are not allowed to build on roads or bridges.
  • Stacking hatches above each other is prohibited.
  • Tickets must be made when abandoning a base.
  • You cannot use barbed wire to prohibit C4 placement or restrict mobility to base entrance.


  • Weekend Only Raiding: Friday 5 PM – Sunday 10 PM central time.
  • Softside raiding is allowed at all times! Make sure you build your bases correctly!
  • No unnecessary dismantling of BBP objects in an enemy base. Only tear down what you need to progress.
  • It is illegal to log out inside an enemy occupied base. If you crash, you have 10 minutes to log back in. If
    you cannot load back in due to an issue, open a ticket within these 10 minutes.
  • No glitching into bases. (Crawling underneath floors, etc).
  • Base parts built the wrong way around can be dismantled from the outside.
  • You are not allowed to move into a base you have raided. If you are interested in overtaking a base that looks
    raided, feel free to open a ticket.
  • Players raiding a base are allowed to rebuild raided doors and gates to protect themselves but cannot place


  • You will not be compensated for decisions or actions you yourself made in game.
  • If no evidence or satisfactory proof is provided, no compensation will be given.
  • If you endured losses due to cheating, hacking, or breaking rules you will be compensated.
  • Make a compensation ticket on Discord, do not ask in-game.